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50 Minute Psychotherapy Session

We’ve all been through challenging and difficult times in life and many of us just need someone to listen and witness our journey. I’m a Faith based Embodiment therapist and I help you access the wisdom of your body that is innate and always available to you. When we experience a significant stressor or trauma these moments become stored in our body. I practice holistic therapy to assist you in getting in your body to release and move stagnant energy, old emotions, outdated beliefs, patterns created from wounds, and distressing memories. During our sessions I use breath work, guided meditations, imagery exercises, somatic exercises, CBT and DBT. The investment is 222.00 per session.

 Nervous System Regulation for HSPs and Empaths

Are you anxious and depleted by life?

Do you feel lost and confused?

Are you ready to thrive instead of just survive?

Do you feel constantly stressed as though you are on the hamster wheel, consumed by the grind of life?

Do you experience frequent emotional overwhelm?

Then this course may be for you…..

Believe me I’ve lived that life and I refuse to ever go back.

For the majority of my life I thought something was wrong with me and it wasn’t until I learned that I’m an HSP, an empath and intuitive that I started to discover the unique needs of my nervous system. Yes it’s true, being sensitive can be challenging in this over stimulating world, but we have incredible gifts to share. As I built my foundation in my faith and trust in the Lord and learned to honor my sensitivities everything in my life transformed. Life became rich and full of possibility. 

I work with highly sensitive people who are anxious, exhausted, experiencing burnout and are functioning off of adrenaline and cortisol to make it through the day. I support you through providing nervous system regulation to help you find balance in your life, in your body, and with your emotions using faith as foundation.

During this 8-week course we will build a nourishing life centered around trust in God’s life plan for you that supports your nervous system.

The 2 month program investment is 2,222 and includes 8 one-on-one sessions with me, 8 self paced modules, that include guided meditations, imagery exercises, journal prompts, reflection questions, and affirmations to support you on your journey. Plus a copy of my book.

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 A Faith Based Hero’s Journey for Highly Sensitive People 

Are you struggling to find your purpose and passion?

Do you go to work because you have to make money, but feel depleted by the end of the day?

Are you ready for BIG change in your life and a brighter future?

Are you ready to live in full alignment with your divine life path?

This program is based on the 8 sections of my book, Discovering My Wings. What does it mean to Discover Your Wings? 

Well for me it meant that I started living in alignment with my soul calling. Discovering my wings, meant that I tuned out the noise of the world and started following the voice of God. I stopped being who the world wanted me to be and living in faith.

And I’ll be honest, Discovering my Wings was a messy journey. So I started thinking what if I had some guidance and direction as I embarked on my spiritual hero’s journey. What if I had a program to support me as I shed the old. And that is how this program was born. It’s all the support and guidance I wish I had during my journey. 

The journey is designed to help you embrace your sensitivities, access the voice of your intuition, live a life that supports your physical, emotional, and spiritual health and stand in your faith as a pillar of your life. 

If you are here you are ready to embark on your Faith Based Hero’s Journey. Showing up today you have received the call to adventure and are ready to cross the threshold. I am SO excited for you and can’t wait to see what unfolds.

In this 4 Month Program, we will take a deep dive into:

  • Week 1 Intro to the Hero’s Journey
  • Week 2  Obstacles
  • Week 3 Fear
  • Week 4 Grounding and Nervous System Regulation
  • Week 5 Intuition hearing the voice of God
  • Week 6 Consciously Co-creating Our Life in faith
  • Week 7 Self Compassion
  • Week 8 and 16  Trust

Investment for this 2 month program is 3,333 and includes, 8 one-on-one 1 hour sessions, 24 self paced modules, which include guided meditations, imagery exercises, journal prompts, reflection questions, affirmations, a copy of my book and a one hour astrology reading with Laura Tadd, a psychological astrologer. Payment plans are available. BOOK HERE

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